How to change Payonner withdrawal account on Envato?

Hello, we need to change Payoneer account linked to our Themeforest account as payment method (we want to link another account and release currently linked). Should we do this with your help or Payoneer support? We already contacted Payoneer to release current account linked and they provided steps to do this, but I wait for your response first how to correctly change linked account?

Because Payoneer support wrote “Please confirm that you are aware that disconnecting the mass payout company account is irreversible.” - so we can’t change accounts later for some reason and we can’t use old account with Envato in future (link it again)?

I already submitted ticket 338162 for this to Envato support, but waiting 7 days for this simple question answer. Maybe someone can speed-up ticket answer.

Or you can contact envato via twitter

Hi @dedalx.
I also want to change the Payoneer account associated with my Envato account, and I have to release the current Payoneer account.
However, the payoneer support guy asked me to provide a screenshot within the Envato account displaying the account holder name and the Payee ID (envato logo and address bar as well). Is there any page on Envato Market where I can get these details from? Did they ask you to do the same?

i have the same problem :frowning:
Could you change it?