I changed the default withdrawal account with no success

I changed the default withdrawal account from Skrill to Payoneer last month but I just received notice that the funds this month are still processed by Skrill, that is, I received them on skrill.

Am I doing something wrong? I go to withdrawals/change default account. There is Payoneer but bellow “Pending withdrawals” still shows Skrill for the next month.

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you changed the output from the skrill on payoneer ? or deleted skrill account and after withdrawal monies on payoneer ?

I didn’t delete anything. I need to delete skrill account somewhere here on envato? How to do that? I just changed the default withdrawal account to payoneer.

I did the same time ago, it took some days to appear it approved.

But I did it on almost month ago.

MMmmmmm I was searching in my email account, and i see that received and email from Payoneer saying that i was added succesfully envato as a Funding Source. Did you received that email¿?

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Yes: Envato Pty Ltd has been added as a funding source to your Payoneer account!