delete this one please

Hi guys, here’s my problem:

  1. I registred a new payoneer account, and linked it to my account, but after few weeks I still get this message :

  1. Tryed to make a withdrawal, got this :

  1. Tryed to change payoneer account, but when I click on “create default withdrawal account” to change the payoneer account with problem to another one that works, I get this :

So It’s kinda circle, that don’t allow me to withdraw my 50$ , I contacted few times payoneer - no answer!
I contacted Envato support, someone reply (that is not robot), when I descrbed the problem, no answer for 4 days… and now it’s already 1 october, I have to wait to receive the money (if the problem will be resolved) on 15 november! :frowning:

I know it’s not a huge amount, but I hoped that issue will be solved fast, because I really want this account to work well.

Give some advice, maybe I don’'t do something right, how can I attach another payment account. Or how should I contact other way Envato support, since first contact didn’t work ?

Thank you, and sorry for my english