Worst Support from Payoneer




I have been struggling with Payoneer and Envato Support from past 1 month. Both of their support staff blaming each other when asked to resolve a trivial issue.

I had a simple request of changing my “Old Payoneer Account” registered under Envato to a “New Payoneer Account”. But, for this trivial request, they are taking more than a month to resolve.

After a lot of discussion with the Payoneer staff, they realized that the issue was on their end and they said it will take 3-7 business days to resolve it with Envato. Payoneer Live chat which usually takes 15-20 minutes to just connect always giving false promises that they are going to speak with Envato but it is never happening. Now, more than 7 days have passed and there is no resolution yet.

Has any author been in this mess of switching Payoneer accounts on Envato? What is your experience? Can you help me and guide me in the right direction? I have lost hope in the Payoneer system and PayPal is the only option now for me.


I dont have any experience with PayOneer but i read a lot of negetive reviews about them. but i would prefer you to switch to paypal.
I am using it for about 5yrs now.


Yes, their support is worst. They have no clue to what is happening. They just ask us to wait 2 days, 5 days or 7 days and still the issue is not resolved.

Their service is good but support is exactly opposite i.e. bad. If you are stuck into some issue, forget it will be resolved. You will end up wasting your time speaking with their useless customer support executives.

Envato also don’t seem to have any control over this. They raise their hands.

Anyways, I am moving on with PayPal now.


First contact payoneer to unlink your account first they will tell you to contact envato to get some ticket id or some confirmation from envato

Once you contact the envato (they may ask to contact payoneer first so you have show them that you did first then) they will unlink your account from their end, now you have contact back payoneer to completely unlink your account, you may need to send envato support mail to payoneer (as a proof as envato did their part) .

After 7-8 days you can link your new account.