Payoneer Payout Issue

I tried to link my Envato Market Account to Payoneer and keep getting errors. i’ve got two things running, CodeCanyon and Envato Studio Services. i was able to link the studio account after several trier, but for the codecanyon market place, i keep getting error. i need help

I’ve linked Envato with my Payoneer account a while back and received first payment of incredible $53.12, for a year of being on Envato, not so long ago. I only released items on CodeCanyon, the others on Audio Jungle were hard rejected. And the only linking that has happened is with common Envato accounts, two of them, that I presume are being shared across all Envato services. One is Envato Pty Ltd and the other is Envato USA Inc. I received the money from the first link. So, you link your account and it automatically gets linked with 2 of them. Hope this helps somehow. I can only assume that you’re getting an error since you’re already linked with them. You can check out the funding sources in your Payoneer activity submenu, those two should be there.

i undertand, but i think envato market place is different from envato studio, so for market place, you can link themeforest, codecanyon e.t.c, in one place.

Like I said, it linked Envato, not CodeCanyon or any other service hence my assumption that it’s a common account for all their services. Did you ask support for help directly?

i understand, all i’m saying is Envato Market, is not Envato Studio. after linking my envato studio, i then checked the envato market account and it is still not linked. so i can’t withdraw

I’m quite confused now. Isn’t that the question for Envato support and not community?

well i contacted support and they ask me to contact payoneer, i contact payoneer, i even chat with them they ask me to wait for 24 hour now it is 5 days.

I never had any issues with Payoneer, everything I asked was resolved immediately. You have a live support, just log into your account and contact them. Today’s Sunday, so not sure if there is live chat, but it surely will work tomorrow.