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Hello everyone, Dear Community, I contacted Envato support, but the responses for three or more days are terribly long. The problem with the withdrawal of funds. I created a new account on Payoneer and disabled the old one. Earlier, I connected my Payoneer (old one) to his Envato account and received the money. Now I am faced with the problem that I cannot disconnect the old Payoneer account from Envato. The old Payoneer account is already blocked and you can’t log in to it) How do I connect a new account to Envato? Tell me what to do(

You should keep patience and envato support team will reply you as quickly they can.

You should Open Envato Author Help Ticket and Payoneer Help Center using your old payoneer account.

Both support team will give you guideline and you have to follow their instructions.


Of course! I did it all. And nothing works, so I’m writing here. I can’t log in to my old Payoneer account. The problem is that envato does not have a button to “unlink” the Payoneer account.

And yes, so that you know about my patience, I contacted the support service on March 25 and still the problem has not been solved.

Hope Payoneer staff @Melisa_Payoneer can assist you. You have to go through the support team.

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