My account for payments has been disconnected and is not being linked back

Hello, after I informed the support that I fulfilled all the conditions for resuming payments specified here (Updating Envato’s position on the war in Ukraine) my Payoneer account was disconnected for some reason and now I can’t add it back. At the same time, there are no explanations. A letter comes from support to wait up to 5 days, although @BenLeong claimed that there would be a high priority on these issues. Payments will be calculated in the coming days and I do not know what to do, help me

Hi Motionsquash! Changing a Payoneer account requires our Author Support team to unlink the old account first, before you can link a new one.

I’ll ask the support team to check on your current ticket (#2736504) in case there are any unexpected problems with the process.

Thanks for the quick reaction, everything has already been decided

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