Payoneer card is blocked!


I am a freelancer, Selling my digital goods on envato and in out side sometime also.
After just receiving 02 payment from external client, Payoneer shows, my card is blocked.

I open a support ticket (Reference Number: 180610-004093), no reply yet.

I chat with them, they said “your account is currently undergoing an internal review”. After I ask for Time Estimation, they said ‘few weeks or so’.

But i need to access my funds urgently. additionally, payment from envato will come within 3-4 days. any way to stop that ?

anyone can help me here ??


Contact Envato to stop the withdrawal, but if your card is blocked, you’ll get the money returned to your Envato balance within few days after 15th of this month.

So in both cases, the money won’t get lost, no worries :slight_smile:


I guess payoneer only allows payment from marketplaces/company, maybe that was why they blocked the card.


Not actually, a lots of people hire us every month and they pay us via payoneer. this is 1st time im facing this issue…


thanks for ur guideline, already email send, lets see whats happened