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Hello AJ residents :slight_smile:

I received a payment from the counter party and it has been standing in pending transactions for 4 days. still not approved. what could be the reason for this? Account verifications all complete!

I think you should to contact payoneer support. Thanks

Heya! I assume it’s not from Envato, right? Since the Wirecard scandal payments are taking a bit longer to be credited. It normally takes about 3 or 4 business days till they are approved and then a few more until you can see them in your balance.

Weekend is ahead, so you’ll probably receive the payment around tuesday. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

No, not envato. I hadn’t waited that long. I was seeing the money in my account after 1 day at the latest. I wondered if there was another problem after the card incident this last month and shared it. Thank you for the answer. I hope they don’t destroy my money : )

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I tried but I can’t reach them : )

Ha! They won’t. I received several payments in the past few weeks. But yes, it’s taking a bit longer than it used to. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

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