Payoneer question - payment listed as Pending (Under review)

My last payment from Envato to Payoneer did not pass normally as it has so far already standing on Pending (Under review)?
I have been receiving payments for years and there have never been any problems, I have filled all the necessary verification information and received a return email that everything is fine for smooth operation…
Last withdrawal to two bank accounts is from 15.12.2020 and one finished the same day, other is standing in Pending (Under Review) for month, I contacted support and they solved it by asking for a payment number card which has been standing for a long time on my account and is not the first payment to this card… it’s the same day Envato payment (Under review) and I contacted support again, no response for several days.
Does anyone have a similar problem with Payoneer payment and what causes this because I see no reason and this is completely unacceptable to me?


You can ask your question with @Melisa_Payoneer - hope they will help you out from your issue.

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Thanks dude…

Hello, @unlockdesign.
How can I contact with @Melisa_Payoneer ?

You already tag her she will reply to you here.
Or you can contact through her inbox

Thank you so much.
I will wait for her right here then. :slight_smile:

Hello, @Melisa_Payoneer .
I want to know why my recent transaction is ‘Under Review’.
Thanks for your attentiton.

I’m not sure why they hold it under review she will explain to you well.
Remember Saturday and Sunday is weekend.

Sure, I will remember. :frowning:

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Hello, there.
I am a payoneer user and sent a payment request to client on 2/23/2021.
He paid requested fund on 2/26/2021.
Normally, transaction history showed ‘Estimate time’, but in this case, it is showing ‘Under Review’.
Please tell me why it happens.

Hello, @Melisa_Payoneer.
When will you be available for my problem?
Client has submitted required doc to payoneer, but it’s still Under Review.
Waiting for your reply.
Thank you.

Hi @tomboltman35 ,

I’ve sent you a PM to further assist.



I couldn’t solve my problem yet. :unamused:

As advised via PM, the sender of the payment has not yet provided the requested documents. We have reached out to assist in getting them so we can proceed with your payment.

Hello Melisa, I am having an issue with my Payoneer account. I was asked to submit my Government ID in the verification center which I did on the 22nd of April yet it still says “Under review” in the verification history till today. I also received a payment that says pending since the 5th of June on same Payoneer account. How do I solve this?