Anyone facing issues with Payoneer?


Transfer to my bank account is Pending since quite some time now. Usually, it quickly gets completed on the same day but now it’s been around 10 days but no response from Payoneer team, so I’m curious what’s happening.

Is anyone else using Payoneer and having this issue?

your mesage is not clear that the issues you are facing from Payoneer side or envato side!
if Payoneer side then you should contact Payoneer support.

otherwise Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


Hello! :grinning:

Thank you but I don’t think the issue is from Envato side. However, my intention behind creating this topic was to know if someone else is facing this issue or not. :thinking:

okay then wait. may someone can share their experience.

Contact their live chat, it helped me several times

Thanks, I tried that but they’re still struggling to figure out what exactly went wrong and how to resolve this. I’m still waiting for my funds just like few others using Payoneer.

Apparently, quite a few people are facing similar problems with Payoneer (based on my research on Twitter and Payoneer forum) but surprisingly no other user on Envato facing this issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyways, thank you @mgscoder and @MusicDog for replying here :slight_smile:
Appreciate your time.