Payment under review in payoneer

I received the email from envato as I have received the payment, but in payoneer it shows as the payment is upcoming and pending… My card is about to expire on August and still active, the new card is being shipped and not yet received. I’m seeing the same transaction for both cards as pending… Can anybody please help? @Melisa_Payoneer

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This may be processed in few hours. All of our payment is pending also.

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Oh…Thank you for the reply…

Please let me know if it’s processed for you… It’s still pending for me

Hi @anchor_point_heshan. I’ve reached out via private message.

Yes but still no positive answer for me this is my hard-earned money… and I was waiting till 15th to get it as I have so many payments to do… and this is not the first time I’m getting payments from Envato what you have to review this much in it?

Hi maam please help me on my payoneer, it still pending and under review. I can`t get my payment.