Payoneer blocked my card with money

Hi everyone,
today I’ve got the message from Payoneer that my account will be blocked in 5 business days, for unknown reason. After I’ve chat with the support and they told me that I should get all cash via ATM in 5 days or I will lost it. After it I’ve tried to buy item in shop, but card was rejected. Whem I gi to my account I have seen that my card is blocked? Why and how to believe in it? I think payoneer want to get my money, because chat not respond now and I can’t get any help and get my money.


Can you transfer founds to paypal ? or maybe US account

Now I can’t use my card, my card is blocked and need to wait 3 business days to hear any news from Payoneer’s support.

And after this 3 days no warranties that I will get any solution how get my money. It’seems like a fraud.

Can you not retrieve your funds from your Payoneer to bank account? We do this on a regular basis.

Furthermore, are you 100% sure they said that after these 5 days, you will loose your total balance? Somehow this does not sounds right. I have been dealing with Payoneer for a long time now and found support always to be quite helpful.

It sounds really scaring. How this even possible to block account without saying the reason?! Hope Payoneer will shed light on this situation.

I’ve got this message:

“This message is to inform you that unfortunately, in accordance with Payoneer’s Terms and Conditions, we will no longer be able to provide you with a payment solution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. In order to avoid delayed or declined payments, we advise that you not attempt to send any additional payments to your Payoneer account.
Your account will be disabled in 5 business days.Please be sure to access any available account balance by that time, as once your account is disabled you will be unable to access those funds.”

After this message I contact with support and they told me to get my money before my accound will be disabled, but after they blocked my card, on all my questions like “how can I get my money after this 5 days” I have a reply that I should to get my money now, so no answer about my money after this 5 days. Now my card is blocked. I can’t do anything with it. Support replied that I should to wait answer about 3 days, and I worried because no answers, no money and my account will be disabled in 5 days. So I will lost all my money if something goes wrong.

Wow… that actually sounds pretty disturbing. Any idea why they decided to disable your account? What about my earlier suggestion, retrieve your funds to your bank account?

Yes, really worrying about it, support reply that I should only wait for the next week. About you previous suggestion I can’t do it, because my card blocked, so I can’t do anything. My Payoneer’s dashaboard now have only transactions, history and settings tabs. So no ways except waiting for a support reply :frowning:

Have you been using the card regularly?

Yes, but I no see any reason to block my card and account because I use my own money. But maybe it’s the reason. Anyway support can’t give me real reason of this issue.

What do you by “use my own money”? Do you mean you load your card with your own funds? If so, this is against Payoneers terms and probably the reason why they are disabling your account…

Withdrawals from TF I load to Payoneer, and after I use ATM to get cash. I will keep you updated about support reply.

recently very buggy PayPal

Wow that’s weird. I hope there’s a reason beside these actions from Payoneer, can’t believe they are doing it with no reason at all. Hope you’ll be fine! Keep us updated

do you have skrill ? this (moneybookers) works good )))

All my questions about the reason was ingnored. I discuss all with Payoneer’s support now, but it takes a lot of time. Yes it’s weird :frowning:

Yes I have it, but now I need to solve issues with Payoneer! Thanks

hey @wwwebinvader , is there any update with your condition. I might have been in same situation right now. Everything with payoneer is blur.

well, after a long time in chat with support we solve this issue. Team of payoneer ask me to view all my sources of income and after a few days (5-7) activate my card. But it’s really terrible to be in this situation.

What is you issue with payoneer now?