Payoneer blocked my card with money



well, currently all they say is

don’t worry, your account is safe, but under interview review by security department.

I am waiting an update from security department, more than a week now. how many sources of your income you needed to provide details?


All income details for the last year for sure.
I think you should make everything to leave sum about zero on your balance and after chat with support from day to day to make all verifications as fast as they can.

Keep me posted about this situation!


they asked info about my last transaction. the guy who sent the money has been disputed. responded them and now waiting.


ok, hope it will be ok.
So the issue in your last transation, how do you think?


it is definitely about last transaction, but it has been a month now since they blocked my card.
I am at the edge of sueing them.


try to solve this issue. Hope the payoneer’s support will unblock your card


Hi! This thread just accidentally popped up to me so I thought I may ask you - have you finally solved the problem? How everything turned out? I think that will be useful to know for all Payoneer users.


Hi! Yes, I’ve sent all needed files/transactions details and all was solved, but the main problem is misunderstanding of staff in their support. It was really long discussion and really long process but all problems can be solved if you really insist.