PayPal,skrill, payonner or swift???

Hi guys, how are you withdrawing your money? I have used PayPal. I know it’s probably the biggest and most popular way but their fees are so high. Have you guys used the other options above? What do you recommend if you want to pay the least amount of fee? I am aware the bank transfer option using swift code takes longer and you have to wait for $500 minimum. How does the exchange rates of each compare? Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks

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I use payoneer. Just $5 transfer fee from themeforest to payoneer account. Transfer of funds from payoneer to my local bank account is free. You need to have atlest $50 to tranfer funds to your bank account. If you have any question feel free to ask me. I can also give you my referal link both of us will get $25 :wink:

Thanks for your message! Sorry for the late reply. I was on holiday! :grinning:

I use Paypal. No transfer fee from Envato to my account. Happy days!

thanks for the message! :grinning: