Envato take more than $40 of SWIFT fees for a Transfer

I just received my author earnings via SWIFT on TransferWise and I found Envato take more than $40 of SWIFT fees for a Transfer.

I confirm these fees are only by Envato, due TransferWise confirmed me that they did not charge anything:

I already asked explanations to Envato and I’m waiting reply but this issue is clear.
Envato declare everywhere the max fee is $25. This is not true at all. I paid $40

I’m waiting explanations!

Anyway TrasnferWise save me 300$ for month compared to PayPal, it’s really great: transferwise.com/u/federicos103

Hello @Schiocco

yes you are right there are $25 fee

Please open a Help ticket They will be happy to help.


No, I paid $40 of fee!


yes i seen you can open ticket for that

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can also try payoneer, It’s fee is less

Yes thank you. But Payoneer is like paypal. It force you to convert the currency on withdraws and apply a very high fee that cause me lost hundreds of dollars each month.

We need to wait the cryptocurrency so this bank steal will end :joy:

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For me, is always -50$ - Envato “takes” 25$ + bank 25$

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Thank you for sharing. Incredible.

No - Payoneer is not like paypal. There’s 1$ fee when your money are coming from envato immediately, and withdrawal in ATM is 3.15$ doesnt matter if you withdraw 100 or 1000$ - ( + currency exchange rate, in my case is about 1% fee) so where are this hundrets of dollars? :slight_smile:

Crypto currency is not bad idea but Envato have to be 100% transparent with ATO and IRS so this is big “maybe” in the future :slight_smile:

Are here:

70 $ lost with Payoneer

Yes I know for now is a big “maybe”. Within 10 years I’m confident will be more “for sure”.

Envato Swift fee is $25 but usually bank charge for their handling fees. I pay like $32.5 every month to bank + $25 Swift fee

crypto mones need to success on world, we need to enter new age

Transferwise > Payoneer > PayPal

PayPal is costly. Best options to withdraw now is Transferwise. And, Payoneer if Transferwise don’t work in their country.

Does TrasnferWise provide you with IBAN etc to send money to? Once send, those money stay on your account, you can withdrawal them to your bank account, and any bank you want?

Yes it provide everything. The best thing is that you register to TranserWise and check yourself. it’s free.

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I also vote for Transferwise or crypto. Too much money unfairly going to payment processors.

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