Payoneer Fee Reduction for Authors



Payoneer is one of the main payout methods we support for Envato Market and Envato Elements to help manage your earnings each month.

Today we are very excited to let you know that Payoneer’s payment fees have been reduced! The reduction is effective immediately, which means that authors using Payoneer as their chosen payout method will receive reduced fees and more money in their pocket.

Please note: The new fees are effective immediately and no action is required. Those with an existing Payoneer account will receive an email on these reduced fees and can simply sign in to their Payoneer account for more details.

As part of our move to one payout destination, we think this will be a positive step to continue simplifying the payout process.

We’re excited about this change and for the next seven days will be answering questions (in batches). Please remember our community guidelines as you post.

As always, please visit our Earnings category on the Author Help Center for more information.


About Payoneer India Payments
Envato take more than $40 of SWIFT fees for a Transfer
Didn't Received My November payout

Thanks guys, this is positive news.


@jamesgiroux Great news!
Is this reduction to $1,5 also for international transfers to USD accounts, where the fee was previously set to $15?


This is very nice news, thank you.


That would be awesome for the authors


Sad news for me. Before I used Payoneer withdraw money from Envato.
But few months ago they suspend my account without reason.


Wow… this is a awesome news :slightly_smiling_face:


This is awesome news :slight_smile:


Yeeeah! Great news! :slight_smile:


Thank Envato! Thank you James :slight_smile: This good news!


@jamesgiroux Hi James. Actually I pay $15 fee, not $3. Does it mean that now I will pay $7.5 fee?


I think you are not using the Envato affiliate Payoneer card. I think, this fees are only available for Envato affiliate Payoneer card. You can apply for the Payoneer card from your Envato payout page.


Thanks very good news


Payoneer is the best of the best considering my place…
And a great thanks to it’s founder Yuval Tal


The $15 fee for USD transfers has not changed. For Authors taking this to International USD accounts this is still much cheaper than our $25 fee for Swift. For authors taking it into the USA there are several options you should evaluate and compare.


thx guys


Oh that’s a bummer on the party. :frowning_face: Can’t we go back to requested payments instead of monthly payments?

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Payouts are processed every month for authors that are earning above the payout threshold for the payout method they have chosen. Fees are dependent on the payout methods available to you and which you’ve chosen to use.

For specific enquiries about your unique situation I recommend opening up a ticket with our Author Support Team.


Thanks :slight_smile: That’s cool !