More payout options with reasonable fees

Envato, please give us better payout options with reasonable fees!

I use Payoneer (Global Bank Transfer) for regular monthly payouts. Transfer fee used to be $1.5 but suddenly it has changed without further notice and from October 2019 the transfer fee is $15. I contacted Payoneer and they confirmed:

“Kindly note that as we are using various banks and processors for transfers, occasionally there are changes. We were able to use a cheaper route that we no longer have in this case. That is why the fees changed.”

So Payoneer Fee Reduction for Authors that Envato announced last year is not valid anymore: Payoneer Fee Reduction for Authors

This is a huge problem for many authors. Since the payouts are processed regularly every month authors are forced to pay very high fees. SWIFT transfer costs $25, Payoneer $15 and PayPal does not allow to transfer USD to non-USA countries (we are forced to convert USD to our local currency). I have to pay $15 fee every month for Payoneer + $5 additional bank fee. It is $240 just for fees every year. That’s a lot of money!

Nobody wants to pay such a high fee every month. It has huge impact on authors earnings. Many authors on Envato forum proposed to use TranswerWise as a new payout option.

Envato, please give us better payout options with reasonable fees! It is important for many authors. Please, do something with that.


My opinion get in touch with Envato Author Support Team hope they will helped!


That’s exactly what I did and this is the answer from Envato support:

I have discussed this with our Finance team and we need to be very clear that we offer three payout sources and its the responsibility for an author to select and be aware of any associated fees.

I have feedback your feelings on this as well as pitched TranferWise. Whilst the Finance team will consider this and these recent Payout changes, this won’t be something quick they could deploy.

Envato is not very active and progressive in terms of implementing new features and listening to author’s feedback so I am afraid they won’t provide better payout options in the near future. It makes me sad.