Payout suggestions


I should set up my payout.

Paypal has difference fees if you are “selling” something or just “transfer” money. Do you know how is recognized Envato’s payout?

In your experience, Payoneer is cheaper than Paypal?
It seem with Paypal I should pay a fee to receive money and another fee for value convertion (mid-rate+4%). With Payoneer I should pay only the value convertion (mid-rate+2%).
Does this sound correct to you?

Thank you


I have used payoneer. Payoneer fees are low and helpful for author here more details.

PayPal Fees:


Thanks, I had already seen these pages. But how is recognized Envato payout from Paypal? As “selling” or “transfer”? There are different fees.

That’s a good question. Does anyone know?

I’ve been using Payoneer for about 10 years and the experience has been top notch in terms of ease of use, customer support and fees, UNTIL… last friday. Right now there’s a massive crisis there and the complete funds of thousands and thousands of users have been blocked, meaning you can’t use your money nor transfer it to any bank account. It’s basically like not having it at all. So, at least until this turbulence ends, I would think twice before going their way.

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