About Payoneer India Payments

Hello, There I’m an Envato Graphicriver Author. I want to be clear with Payoneer…

  1. Suppose if I receive 500$ payment method is Payoneer then how much they will cut?

Payoneer fee is $1.50 now If I remember correctly.

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Only 1.50$? Or 1.50$ + 2-3% ?

you can check here


In my case I always get payment to my payoneer acount - and I choose Immediate payment which means my earnings are on my account immediately (not after 2 - 3 hours) - the cost was 5$ -> now it is 1.5$ for me. Other thing is when you want pyout your earnings to your bank account or directly from payoneer in the ATM with payoneer card. In both situations there are charges for currency transfer, ATM aor bank fees etc.

so in my case (I am living in europe EU) when I got payment there’s 1.5$ fee and then when I payout my money via payoneer card in the ATM I Pay about 3 - 3.5$ and that’s it.

Do you guys really know about the Payoneer Fees? I’m worried if you have any exclusive deal with Payoneer, am i right?
Normally when you receive or request payments from any Marketplace/Company via Payoneer, Payoneer will charge you $2 for the normal withdrawal which takes around 2-3 business days while charge a user $5 for instant withdrawal which takes around 2 or less hours and this $2 or $5 dollar option can be utilized after you receive an email from Payoneer regarding your payment.

And not only that, when you withdraw your payments from your Payoneer account via a Payoneer MasterCard, Payoneer will charge you around $3.5 while the conversion fee will be 3.5% which is too much I think but if you want to withdraw payments via a Local Bank Account, there will be only 2% conversion fee.

I googled and shared these fees with you from this page: https://www.payoneerhow.com/payoneer-fees/

yes but envato have special relationship with payoneer and for envato authors fee for immediately money receive is 1.50$

Payout in atm is about 3.5$ for me - not 3.5% (this is 17$ when we talk about 500$ withdrawal) but only 3.5$ so when I withdraw about 500$ this is not really too much :slight_smile:

LETS MAKE IT CLEAR :slight_smile:

okay, I checked my payoneer and this is how it looks there:

  1. ATM Withdrawal or Cash Disbursements (via bank teller or in-store) $3.15
  2. WITHDRAW FUNDS - Transfer To Bank Account 2.00% of total amount Per Transfer Applies if currency of transferred funds is identical to currency of target account
  3. And from my transaction history -> money from envato received immediately -> Fee 1.50 USD


Thank You! I think Direct payment is much better…

Direct payment to bank account? - NOT :slight_smile:

Payoneer is really good, believe me :slight_smile:

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From my second payout I’ll go for it, Currently I was using PayPal… They deduct 2.5% + $0.041 So payoneer is best. For now I can’t do anything because my payment is already been calculated.

Though a Big thank to you for sharing your personal experience!