Payoneer Fee Reduction for Authors



Good news, thank you!


Unfortunately my fee to transfer money to local bank was only increased. Before I paid $15. Today I paid $15 plus extra $1.5.


Why i see fee $1.50 in my payoneer payment summary from envato?..
bfore this, if my envato payout $300 i get the same amount in my payoneer account. :neutral_face:


@jamesgiroux also i noticed there is no more chosing of the loading type immediate or regular. Its now automatically immediate right?


Yes, it is immediate and at a lower fee.


@jamesgiroux until last month it was free of charge but this month $1.5!! So for me, it is not a reduction.


The same situation also for me. Free till last month, 1.50$ fee now.


Hope soon Envato will do same kind of deduction for swift payout :slight_smile:



Yes we charged $1.5 fee from payoneer this month :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Good news, thank you!

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