Is this a joke? I want old Payment method back.

Is this some kind of joke? We have to give now 1%+1 Dollar fee. Where we use to give only 1.50 USD fee. Most of the authors claim our earning is low. Then 30% tax (not for all authors). Now 1% + 1 dollar + Slow transaction. We authors are at a very disadvantage.



Get in touch with envato market author help center they would like to assist you.


Right, we want the old Payment method back. I think the old payment system is much better.


(+1) old payment


Envato and @BenLeong did explain why the change was made here

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Yeah, that’s a great explanation: “it’s just convenient for us”.

For some reason, all the stocks can use both Payoneer and other methods for withdrawal, and set up their work so that authors receive payments on the exact day. But envato can’t do that. “We take even more money from you, give you a worse system in return, and you should be happy”.

Last month, we received our money after one day. And this month we received it after 4 or 5 days (some authors did not receive it yet). Which system is slower?

Most of the stock sites use Payoneer. They did not have any problems sending money. And contributors received it on time. Does only Envato have the problem?

Please update the new payment system and add Payoneer, like the old system. Or roll back to the old system. I know the new system is convenient for some authors. But not for all authors. Envato should think about all of the authors. Every time Envato brings an update, we authors are always neglected. Envato just makes a change and throws it in our faces. They did not give a thought if it is good for all authors or not. Every time we have to lose our money or our right. It is very frustrating.