New Elements payment system questions: January 16th author group

Hi all. @BenLeong or anyone from the Envato team please help with my question.

Today I received an email from Envato with the subject - “You’ve been selected to be part of the first group to be paid your Elements earnings via our new payout experience!”

But I would like to keep the old email based method of using payoneer for as long as possible. The new Payoneer method will not work in my country.
Please tell me how can I do this?



I don’t know why it doesn’t work, it’s at the level of government and politics. There are many countries in the world where the new Payoneer method will not work, but old method Payoneer was the only way to receive money. For example, PayPal and SWIFT does not work in my country either. In fact, PayPal does not work in many countries of the world (for example, Ukraine, Belarus and others) and many people do not know and do not take this fact into account, and this is VERY important! It’s just not possible to work if you can’t get paid.

The old Payoneer method was the only way to receive money in countries like mine, disabling this method effectively puts us out of work. If Envato switches to the new Payoneer method, I won’t be able to get my money and therefore won’t be able to work here. Believe me, there are a lot of authors from such countries on the Envato market, if not the majority. Envato team please pay attention to this and work out the withdrawal methods very carefully so as not to harm your authors.


I agree with your point. New payment method will not work as I have faced similar difficulties like yours in my country. I am happy with old payment method.


but what is the difference between previous Payoneer method and new Payoneer method → this is the same wallet, only the method is changing → new method is using you Payoneer bank account (their US bank account) instead of your email… I don’t get where’s the issue. So this is my nr 1 question.

nr 2 question → what is the problem to use another wallet - you have plenty of them like Wise / Bunq / Revolut / Monese and so on → all these wallets offer US sub-accounts with US bank details - according to Ben’s info from our forum discussions the new payout system will allow you to use any wallet which is offering normal bank account details - which you can get in seconds for example via etc.

I don’t get where is the issue at all - > you are telling me that old payoneer method is the only way you can get paid - which is very strange - is there some secret country I don’t know which is the Payoneer slave or what? Could you explain? :slight_smile:


@BenLeong @KingDog @Kristinbrodie @Will4490

Sorry to call you up but there is a question that is not answered anywhere - and it’s the most important question - nr. 1 to be answered.

From a bank in which country will Envato transfer money to us? From a Bank in Australia or from another country?

Why am I asking?

Because Wise / Revolut and other wallets, regardless of which currency account we choose (USD, GBP, etc.) - each of these accounts offers bank details in two versions - local and international.

  1. If I would like to get payout to my USD Wise account - should I choose local bank details or international bank details?

  2. If I would like to get payout to my GBP Revolut account - should I choose local bank details or international bank details?

Please see the graphic I made to be as clear as I can.

All such questions can be answered by providing information from the bank in which country Envato will pay us. Knowing the location of the bank from which Envato will pay, I will know when I need to provide account details for an international transfer and when for a local transfer.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You really don’t understand, you are lucky to live in a normal country in which all services work.

Once again, neither WISE nor the like, nor PayPal, nor SWIFT not work in our countries, you can get an account in a foreign bank only with the permission of the main national bank, or you can go to jail! Imagine there are countries with such laws. Take off your rose-colored glasses. Almost all countries of the former Soviet Union have similar laws, such as Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. If you carefully look at the top authors, for example, in WordPress, web development and design, you will see ~ 40% of developers from similar countries. Because for them, Envato is almost the only way to have a normal cash income, according to the level of their country. It is unlikely that a resident of Germany will use Envato market as a permanent job (unless he is the author of something popular, like Avada WP). Open your eyes already, mostly residents of the “third world” countries work here, this is their opportunity to try to get out. Many people don’t have the opportunity to move to another normal country. Read the authors’ stories from the Envato blog. Disabling the old way of Payoneer will kill some of the authors, Envato you should understand this. Make 2 ways for Payoneer, those who need a new one will choose a new one. I can give you a prediction, it will be 3%, 97% will use the old way, via email.

Envato team, please take into account such peculiarities (legislation of countries, geopolitical peculiarities, etc.) of your authors, many people will be forced to leave you and be left without work. Surely, after all, one of the most popular requests to Envato is the addition of new ways to withdraw money. Please work out these questions taking into account the national characteristics of your authors.


You don’t get my question … → You already have Payoneer → and guess what → since you have Payoneer you also have US Bank account Details with this account → nobody asked you for your permission → you just have these bank details since you have Payoneer.

So now what… looks like you should go to jail in this moment … :wink:

You have to understand that nothing changes with payoneer → you can get your payouts to payoneer but now you just have to go to your account, get your payoneer bank details and that’s it → you are not setting up any new bank account → you already have it on payoneer.

Russia is actually banned for Payoneer - no matter if you are using email , bank account details etc.

An maybe you should take off your soviet glasses - maybe you will understand what I am trying to tell you about your payoneer “issue” (there is no any issue actually).

And stop playing the victim. I already explained you the payoneer case above. Read, read again, learn, check for yourself - go to your payoneer account and check for yourself that you have all US bank account details there.

All these years I saw people having problems with paypal and payoneer - accounts closed without reasons, stupid papers checks every month - tons of problems - > big monopoly for two payment providers → one available here and second available there - no choice.

Enough of this. After years of asking Envato for this change we finally GET THIS CHANGE. Period.

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PeakStar Unfortunately, you absolutely do not understand the essence of the problem.

11Soft try to explain to you over and over again that for people from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia this method is not working!

I talked about it as soon as this topic was created!

The essence of the problem:

  1. In the summer, a package of sanctions was introduced for Russia, after which payments via Payoneer to a bank account also ceased to come for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus.
    Don’t even try to find an explanation for this. Payments are simply blocked by the payment engine.(up to this point everything was fine)

I personally contacted Identifуy support for over a month before they were able to send the money and I was finally able to receive it. The payment came only through email.

  1. Payments via email have been going through without problems so far.

  2. A similar situation is now with Paypal. Adrev was able to send me the quarterly payment ONLY manually, via email. Payment through the engine has been blocked.

Based on the above, I ask the Enwato team to look into this issue. Since there is a huge chance that after switching to this payment method, you will receive a lot of calls to the Envato support service with questions: “When will I receive my money?”


So actually the possibility of receiving money to Payonneer via their US bank details (instead of email) is blocked - if I understood you correctly.

If this is like that… then… you have a problem - agreed. Similar to Russian Authors, they have problems too - thanks to their government.

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You already have Payoneer → and guess what → since you have Payoneer you also have US Bank account Details with this account → nobody asked you for your permission → you just have these bank details since you have Payoneer.

To be able to receive payment to the US Bank account details of the Payoneer, you need to have the option “Global Payment Service” connected.
If you look into the Payoneer’s help center, you will see that the G.P.S. payment function is not available on all accounts by default, for this you need to contact support to create a connection request and pass a special additional verification, the final decision on connection remains with the company’s staff.

This option isn’t available for all countries. You can have a Payoneer account but not have the option to receive ACH payments. The “Request a payment service” (from individual) feature may also not be available. In some regions Payoneer works with functional limitations for many years.


That’s right.

  1. Global Payment Service requisites very often need to be issued separately because they are not enabled by default for many countries. And there are places where they are not available (country policies, pioneer policies, financial regulations).
  2. Payoneer - works according to local laws. EU accounts, US accounts, Middle East accounts for example can be very different. And requirements for documents and issuance of details are different.
  3. If you register Payoneer via partners, in some countries you just get an account with one function - payments from partners (stocks and other). It makes sense, why do you need extra details when minimal functionality is enough.
  4. Yes, some countries now prohibit the issuance of US details.
  5. Represent Payoneer I talked to was very surprised by envato’s decision. Moreover, in Payoneer were not aware of such a decision (about changing the payment method)! And these are “partners” as I understand it.

I can’t even imagine how a new Payoneer account will behave now, which will be created using an affiliate link from envato… All in all, envato’s solution is good, but it has to take into account many things to be as flexible and convenient as possible for everyone. And also take into account such moments, which I wrote above.

Oh, and by the way. I know for a fact that ALL accounts from Russia were blocked and destroyed by Payoneer. You can consider that Russia is now out of the game. However, there are still problems for residents of many countries.


Russell_Frederick thanks, you are absolutely right. This is what I have been trying to explain. I, like you, ask Envato to look into this issue. If people need 2 ways, maybe they need to do 2 ways, or at least not break something that already works. By disabling the ability to receive money for such authors, Envato market will simply lose them. Believe me, on Envato market there are a large number of even top authors from such countries. Envato can easily verify this by checking which country the account is registered in. If I am unable to receive my payments, I will also be forced to leave Envato.


I think all is clear now.

There’s only one thing I would like to ask you for →

You can (and you should) raise your Payoneer problem…


… do this without disturbing this ongoing payout system switching process.

In other words → do not expect from Envato to stop all the changes only because of the “Payoneer problem” in several countries. This change was expected and awaited for very long and this is huge upgrade.

You should ask for solution for author addicted to Payoneer old payout method (but without stopping the whole switching process).

And one more thing… to all people who are attached to Payoneer old payout method → this is sad and highly not normal situation to be connected with only one payment provider. Payoneer won’t last forever - you have to deeply rethink your situation and other possibilities because one day Payoneer could close their doors (business), or they can tell you that you’re banned with no reason-> and then what? I can’t imagine to be in such extreme situation → to be attached to one wallet - and with no other choice.

You are not my enemies → you are more like my allies, you do the same work as I do and believe me or not I can feel you…


Yes, exactly!
We need a system that will take into account all the old methods of payment and support a lot of new ones.

Regarding Payoneer - this system contains a lot of unique solutions. That’s why it is so popular, but of course you are right, you should have a couple of spare ways :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m glad that finally the understanding of our problem has come.


Money transfers are not blocked by Payoneer.
Money transfers are blocked by the payment engine, which is now being put into operation everywhere (for example, I know 3 platforms that change the payment system).

After the first case of blocking a transfer to a bank account, it turned out that money simply did not reach Payoneer. Payoneer support does not see this money and cannot help in any way.

Until the summer of 2022, I did not have ANY problems with the transfer to a Payoneer bank account (yes, Envato is at least a year behind other similar companies that already use this method of transferring funds). However, at this stage, the only way for Ukrainians to receive their money through Payoneer is to use email to send funds.

True, there is another way - this is a SWIFT transfer. However, there are problems here too. Not all Ukrainian banks can now accept funds from abroad. Money is blocked by an intermediary bank. And in this case, the money remains frozen for up to six months.

To sum it all up, I would like Envato to leave the option to use email to send funds until the issue is resolved.

P.s. I’m not campaigning for the repeal of Envato’s payout innovations. I just want Envato to take the time to undo the old way. In my opinion, they can be used as an exception.


"You really don’t understand, you are lucky to live in a normal country in which all services work. " “normal country” ? Творец, тебе не стремно такое писать?

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I completely agree with @joebakal

Hey everyone! Thanks for all your feedback so far. This is what we really needed from our first test group :grin: Just wanted to update you that our team is on the case and we’re rounding up more information where we can. Thanks!


Don’t forget about my question about this:

very important :slight_smile:

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