Will the new payment method actually be implemented?

I recently got an email about an update to a payment method in elements.

To be honest, I’m still confused about the new payment method.

If I use a local bank in my country, I’m not sure about the exchange rate for each $ dollar?

I won’t get the details, and it’s definitely different like when I used Payoneer…

And I will try to receive payments via Payoneer, is there anyone who knows, or has received the same email as me.

Please @BenLeong for clarification on this?

Hi @modaldesain - sorry I missed this question last week.

The new payment system adds a range of payout options via the “Bank Transfer” method. This allows you to use services that provide a virtual routing account (such as Payoneer or Wise), or you can be paid directly to a bank account.

If you are used to the older direct integration with Payoneer, you can still be paid to a Payoneer account via Bank Transfer. You can find more information about the new system here, including instructions for setting your payments to go to a Payoneer account, and local currency conversion rates:

We’re gradually moving Elements payments across to the new system, after sending the first payments in January.

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Thanks for your clarification Mr. @BenLeong

I’ve read several articles about the new system and read topics related to this system.

And I just filled out the form for the payment of the new system, and I’m using a local bank account in our country, but my problem is that I don’t know the dollar exchange rate for my country’s currency.

How should I report a problem paying through a local bank on the new envato elements system.

Please give me feedback or a guide link to deal with in the event of a problem or a refund?

Thank You.