Payout method

Hello, I use direct-to-local bank payout methods, but the last payout had not yet been received until now and it must be received on 19 April yesterday

Does anyone have some case with me? And because of that I want to change the method to default (payoner) but I can’t find the page, Does anyone know?

Payout Method setting page for Elements is here

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I visited there yesterday. I also check it again based on your link but I cant find way to set payooner as payout method again


For me there are 2 options to select, Payoneer and PayPal. Not sure why you don’t have that. The best thing would be to contact Envato support team regarding missing payment and also to ask them to help with reverting payment method back to Payoneer.

Hi @deverust.

If you’re now being paid via the new Elements payment system, you can find instructions on setting payment methods here:

The old payment system only had two options: PayPal and Payoneer.

The new system covers Payoneer under a broader “Bank Transfer” method, which can also be used for local currency bank payments, and payments to virtual wallets or money transfer providers like Wise and Payoneer.

The Help Centre link above has more details on how to find your Payoneer virtual routing account details, if you’d like to be paid via that method.

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Yes BenLeong, thank you

I just noticed that Payoneer is now on bank transfer

And what about other cases? My earnings haven’t been sent yet, while they should be received on April 19th


We processed all the Elements payments on the 16th, and these should currently be on the way - you’ll need to open an Author Support ticket for more information though, as I don’t have access to view the status of individual payments.

If this is the first time you’ve been paid to your current payment method (you mentioned that you’ve used the direct-to-local bank payout option), you may see a delay compared to the older PayPal/Payoneer system, particularly if you are receiving funds in USD.

Local currency payments tend to be the fastest under the new system, as they’re sent via local banking routes. USD bank transfers to a local bank often need to be sent via SWIFT wires, which tends to be a slower method.

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