New Elements Author payment system - rollout paused (see update)

Hi all! We’re rolling out a new payout system for our Elements Authors, giving you more control over the way you get paid.

:exclamation: UPDATE (Oct 28): We have chosen to pause the rollout of the new system. If you have already updated or confirmed your payment details, these are saved and ready to use when we begin using the new system.

All November Elements payments will still be processed via the original system. See this update for more details.

How to update your payment details

  1. Log in and access your payment profile at
  2. Fill out your general information
  3. Select your payout method: either Bank Transfer or PayPal. If you want to select Payoneer, you will need to select the Bank Transfer option (read more about this here).

What do these changes mean for you?

  • When we begin processing your Elements payments through the new system, you will have access to Bank Transfer options (as well as our existing options of PayPal and Payoneer), and
  • You will also be able to change and update your payout details directly, without needing to raise an Author Support ticket.

Both of these features have been very frequently requested by the Elements community, so we’re glad we can finally launch them!

Head to our Help Center article to find out more about the changes and available payout options.


I’ll use the first reply in this topic to contain any FAQs, so please use this thread to ask any questions about the new payment system.

Q: Does this mean I can now be paid my Elements earnings via SWIFT?

A: The new system makes Bank Transfer payment options available to the Elements Author community. This includes Bank Transfer, IACH, SWIFT bank wires, USD to USD SWIFT wires and Payoneer.

Q: Can I still be paid via Payoneer?

A: Yes. Payoneer payments will now be covered by the “Bank Transfer” option in the new payment system, instead of listing Payoneer as a separate payment method.

For more details on setting Payoneer as your preferred payment option, please see our Help Centre article on Setting up your Elements Payout Method.

Q: If I’m paid via Payoneer, why do I need to select “USA” for my Bank Account Country?

A: This field provides us with the location of your financial institution’s routing account. If you are paid via Payoneer, you will use the routing and account number provided by Payoneer. See the Help Centre Article for more details on being paid via Payoneer

Q: Is there still a minimum payment threshold?

A: Yes. There is still a minimum payout threshold of USD $50 that applies to your earnings, as per the author agreement.


@BenLeong What is the exchange cost to exchange USD to EUR for International ACH?


So if you choose to get paid by Payoneer, you must choose USA as location…
what about the rest of the details? /
Street , Zip code, and State? How do you go on about filling those?

Thank you


Hey Ben, should we use the Payoneer New York address to fill the address part of the form?


Hi @BenLeong ,

Is this just the checkout change of

Does the payment side WordPress Themes & Website Templates from ThemeForest need to be edited?


Same question.

It was fine as it was, getting paid in $$$, as it is the strongest currency now. I dont wish to get payed in polish zloty or euro… if I choose paypal instead of bank transfer will I be payed in US dollars like before? Will it be the same as it was? Or the fact that I used polish address it will want a polish paypal, in an attempt to pay with polish zloty?
Thank you


I am a designer, not an accountant. I would like more information how to set up payment for Payoneer


just another way to limit payouts. What would happen to those who will not choose any, and do nothing?

Hi Ben.
Please add Payoneer method as it was. Now I can not understand how to add payoneer method. I am not from US and adding peyoneer method is not clear to me. You made difficulties. Just add payoneer option to set my payout account easily.


Hi all - thanks for the questions so far!

Yes - please use the Payoneer address for those fields.

It looks like there’s a 1.9% fee to convert from USD to your local currency - I’ll see if I can find more information on the actual exchange rate. If you can access multiple payment options in your country, I recommend comparing them (PayPal vs Payoneer, etc) to check which option is best for you.

@thembay This change currently just affects Elements, which had fewer author payment options than the Envato Market sites.

@boomopera I’ll check that one with out Author Earnings team in the morning, as it’s now 8pm here - I’ll post in this thread once I have more information.

@StreetD Understood! I’ll try to get some screenshots showing the full Payoneer setup tomorrow morning, and we can add them to the Help Centre article.

@Bokstas We’re going to be doing our best to contact every single active Elements author, to make sure everyone gets paid on time - you will see pop-up announcements and reminders on all the pages (dashboards etc), plus reminder emails. All payment details need to be confirmed in the new system by November 14th, as that’s when we’ll process the next Elements Earnings payout.


Thanks for the reply,
If we have 2 receiving accounts in Payoneer:
Should we use Routing details for “First Century Bank” or “Bank of America” ?

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Should i use “individual” or “business” within general information when setting up Payoneer?

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Adding payoneer is confusing please share some screenshots.

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My residence is Belarus. So far I have been receiving payoneer payments from both Videohive and Elements. With your new system, I can’t choose payoneer. What do I need to do ? Thank you.


Same question?
Also my Payoneer is temporary blocked due internal review it should be reviewed in a few days.

I think it’s here. Payoneer / Get paid / Receiving accounts
but I would like Ben’s confirmation)

Thanks for your answer! Do you also have a comparison for transfer fees from USD to EUR for other platforms like PayPal, Payoneer,…? I assume an ACH counts as a transfer from abroad? Because my bank charges a fee for transfers from abroad. Is it possible to combine the Market earnings with the Elements earnings in one payment?