New Elements Author payment system - rollout paused (see update)

Any updates on the finalized process?

@BenLeong any update?

Hi all. Sorry for the delay - I’m currently waiting on clarifications about a few issues related to the questions in this thread.

We should have an update on the new payment system for you tomorrow evening.


Thank you! I’m waiting for clearer instructions to update my payment info.


Can you please add this new payment system to the marketplace, we would love to get our payments via other banks like Wise…


Hi all. We’ve been investigating issues preventing some authors from adding a Payout Method in the new payment system, and have chosen to delay the rollout of the new system until these have been resolved.

  • Your November Elements Earnings payment will be processed using the original Elements author payment system, using the payout details already listed for your account.

  • No action is needed in order to receive your November payment via the original system.

  • If you need to update your PayPal details, you can do this via the Elements Contributors app

  • If you need to change your Payoneer details, please open an Author Support ticket and they can help you with this.

We’ll be contacting all Elements authors by email on Friday, with more details.


:arrow_up: On that note - thank you to all those who have already confirmed payment details in the new system! I know that this delay will be frustrating for the people who’ve been eagerly awaiting new payment options, but it’s important that we can resolve all of these issues before starting to send payments via the new system.

@AB-TheDesigner We’re planning to move the Envato Market payments over to the new system after it’s up and running for Elements, so Market authors will get access to all the new Bank Transfer options (Wise etc) once that launches.


I did not change my payout system, it remains Payoneer as was previous. So my November payout receive as usually previously received?

@BenLeong Hi, I’ve already confirmed Payoneer as payout method the very same Monday that mail was sent to all of us and I’ve set in “General Information” the Payoneer bank address “United States of America” and “1731 N Elm St Commerce, GA 30529 USA (First Century Bank NA)”, following the guide steps. Will I have any problem to receive payment next month? Should I do something or nothing at all?

Just as long as none of the previously availed methods could be scrapped when the new system is rolled out.
The payout system is a critical part of any platform. Many of us may not be able to adapt to abrupt future changes, due to international regulations / lack of availability per region. so i ask to consider that when making these changes.

@ashuras_sharif That is correct. We’ll be processing all the November payments through the older system, in the same way all previous Elements Earnings payments have been handled.

@GoForMotion Next month’s payment will be processed through the older system, so you don’t need to do anything more at this stage. If we need you to change the “General Information” address in future, we will let you know before the new system goes live.

@Abdelrahman_El-masry Understood.

When we begin paying Elements Earnings via the new system, both PayPal and Payoneer (via Bank Transfer) will still be available. The addition of the Bank Transfer method will open up a lot of new payout options, from local currency payments to USD transfers on the SWIFT network, and other bank transfer-based services like Wise.


@BenLeong Thank you! :+1:


OK - one more time via old system → BUT I can’t wait for this new system.

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@BenLeong → one thing. The emails I received today (one automatic and one from Support) and in both I see → “No action is needed”

Actually I updated my payout details using new system, I added Payoneer bank details → when I see text like “no action is needed” is confusing, specially when someone already updated his payout using new system and payoneer bank details (like I did). I udpated my payout again today using old payout setup page - all I want to know If I am all good for next payout, is everything setup correctly.

thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey @PeakStar - I have replied to your support ticket.



Thank you Will for replying to the hundreds of tickets that opened during this time.

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True :slight_smile: thank you.

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@Benleong Please tell me, if I now add my details to the new payment system, can I receive a payment in November using the new payment system?

I believe the new system deployment was delayed until all reported issues are resolved (early 2023).
November payout will be processed through the old system.


That is correct.

All November payments will be processed via the older system.

If we are ready to start processing some Elements payments via the new system before the full launch (now planned for early next year), we’ll be in contact - but it definitely won’t be used for any November payment.