Please Add Envato Elements Payout Alternative Method

Since we have a problems with Payoneer (wirecard card solutions limited) I would suggest to Envato Elements staff to add Swift option for withdrawing funds to our local bank accounts (the same option that we have on Videohive). All transfers to Payoneer would be frozen till they fix the problem. At this moment i left $48 on Payoneer account and after adding my swift account Payoneer wont let me to withdraw it to my local Bank Account.
Paypal has also an issue, they accept only US bank accounts. In that case money will again end on Payoneer account.
More and more authors won’t get their payment this month, i don’t want to think about july and august payment.
Act now please!


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I’m a bit confused about this part,it says that it will not be affected?

It will not be affected but you will not be able to use card. So basically payoneer is pointless at this time.

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Yes I get it :confused:

SWIFT is not an option. It do not work with my country and I’m pretty sure don’t work with many others. :man_shrugging:

I’m kind of glad payoneer never was able to receive my money in the past (due to their system not working)

Only option left for Elements is paypal now. Higher fees but I never had a problem in receiving money or getting my money to my bank account.

Everyone should make up their minds if they believe this or not. As I understand it, few days ago they said everything was safe and nothing would happen and now they froze all accounts.

They need money for liquidity, so they do not want the money coming in to stop. They may say anything to get that liquidity. That may also be the only way they can survive this and pay everyone back. Basically a catch-22.


Not every country accepts paypal, unfortunately.


Yes, some countries doesnt accept paypal like ours, I suggest to add skrill option for withdrawal to envato and elements, because we will only use skrill and payoneer in this country, not paypal.

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Please add other payout methods. Paypal is not working in my country.
So there are no options for me on Elements.

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I need other payout methods, Paypal does not work in my country.


I wish envato add skrill payout method sooner, I think we must contact with envato support and tell our wishes directly to source, which more important than writing here, I believe they will think about these requests and take an action when necessary.

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So the situation is as follows: the money that was on the card in dollars on your account in Payoneer is temporarily blocked, but the money that came after today can be withdrawn to a bank account, today I received money from my client and I’m trying to withdraw it to my a bank account in Ukraine, before that I was constantly withdrawing money using a Payoneer card, today I tried to add a bank account in local currency, Payoneer successfully added my details, then I tried to transfer the 100 dollars I received today to my bank account, the operation is under consideration Payoneer team and when there is information I will let you know, please, and you keep us informed how you deal with this situation


Is Paypal affected as well by this?

No, it’s payoneer only issue

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Hey, check PM

Paypal is not a good option, we already pay 30% on Elements, and now we’ll pay ridiculous high fees on Paypal?

I think that the best option is to wait for Payoneer to solve the problem.


I never use Paypal for withdrawal on Elements. What kind of fee we are talking about? 2-3% or more?

Yes plus PayPal can disable your account out of a blue if it thinks you’re doing something illegal or are scamming people :smiley: This has happened to many of my friend’s friends who work with marketing and other digital products and whatnot.

I personally got one account suspended cause I apparently created it when I was just 13, then forgot about it, and once I received my first big paycheck boom, all money is frozen. (cause an account must be created by people over 18 years old). Now wait for up to half a year to withdraw any money lol.