Please Add Envato Elements Payout Alternative Method

Same thing happened to me! I had to create another account.

So, I have such news … yesterday I transferred 100 from the Payoneer to the account at the local bank that I received yesterday from the client, today this money came to my account ... I tried to transfer another 300, but the inscription “Payoner” appeared that I can withdraw only 140 (yesterday the client paid me $ 240) … i.e. the amount that came yesterday can be transferred, and the balance on the card yesterday cannot … I think the situation will change for the salary, but even if not, you can transfer money to your local bank account from Payoneer …and yes, read this news
Germany’s beleaguered Wirecard to proceed with business after insolvency


I’m going to switch my payment method to SWIFT for Envato Market for now. But that is not an option for Elements.
Envato, please, give us an option to hold money on the Elements account and at least SWIFT option (for those who can use it). Because PayPal is not working (for receiving money) in many (mine included) countries and there is no clear solution on the Payoneer side for the time being.


I make final decision, i deauthorize Elements for payouts till this ends. My earnings are much safer in Envato Company at this moment, than in any other. This issue with Wirecard will probably end during next month. I don’t want to risk with PayPal, no Swift option for withdrawal in Elements, there is no choice.

Stay safe folks!


I had problems with paypal. Sometimes they block people’s money out of blue (paypal), I watched a video of a battle one women had to get her money. A lot of these kind of stories I’ve heard. My paypal experience wasn’t so good either. Too bad about payoneer, I personally liked it.

Here is the video, a bit long but worth watching:

How can you do this? There is no balanace on EE and EE and marketplaces are different companies

I don’t want to risk thats all

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But where will your money stay/go?

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yea, same question…

Envato Elements

Like next report will start with amount of previous month?

Money is @collis :joy:

Yup i remember when i was starting on EE i had only few $ that was not enought for payoutt


cool, didn’t know that.

Is it your assumption or did you get offical explanation from Envato?

Hm, interesting

As i say it’s my own decision. I trust Envato. Anyone can do what they want with their money, i leave it on Envato.
No Payoneer, No Paypal etc…


I don’t judge, just curious how does it work if you have no payout option)

When i was starting on EE i had $3-4 for the first month, on a third month i was able to withdraw past 2 months.


I think payoneer is going towards bankrupcy by the second. If this money doesn’t get unblocked, I think it’s the end for them.

Vjerovatno, zato i ne isplacujem