Trouble Getting Envato Payouts for Russian Residents

Hello. Unfortunately, due to sanctions, PayPal imposed restrictions on residents of Russia - “we are suspending sending and receiving transactions between Russia and other countries through PayPal.”

Therefore, a situation may arise that I and other residents of Russia will not be able to receive honestly earned money from Envato.

In connection with this unpleasant situation, can you pay out the earned funds through another payment system (for example, Webmoney) or make a payment to a bank account?



I guess we can still receive the payments to Payoneer account. How is that possible to receive next payment on 15th of March to Payoneer account?

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Payoneer is also almost blocked - until March 22

This situation is incredibly absurd for a lot of reasons. I hope it gets fixed and you can easily receive your hard earned money during those times when it matters most. I’m sure that Envato will find a solution.

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Hey! This is a very real and serious problem. :frowning:

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As I understand from 22 of March bank accounts that under sunctions will not be available for withdrawals, but you can add new bank account (without sunctions applied) in Payoneer dashboard and receive payments.

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Here is the email that I had on 28th of Febrary 2022:

According to the latest update regarding sanctions imposed on your bank, we’ll be able to continue to process the transfer of your funds from your Payoneer account to your bank account (or the bank account of one of your recipients) until March 22, 2022.

After this date, your bank will be sanctioned by government order until further notice.

Although sanctions are still not in effect at the moment, we strongly recommend that you add a bank account at a bank that is not sanctioned and set it as the default bank account, as the situation may change at any time.

Our team remains dedicated to support your business and keep your funds secure.

For the more detailed information, please contact us

Thank you and stay safe,

The Payoneer Team

This is a real problem… Can anyone help us?

As I see the next payment on 15th of March already set up to PayPal. How can I change it to Payoneer? I guess through the author support team, right?

If the money does come on paypal on the 15th, what will happen to them? They will freeze or move back

Money goes back to your envato account. No transactions will be available by PayPal any more. You can just withdraw what rest on your PayPal account, that is it.

Today will be announcement by Envato.

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Let’s hope that the administration of Envato will soon make other ways to withdraw the money earned.

Otherwise, authors from Russia will have to transfer their music to other stocks and resources and leave Envato.


No comment. This is simply not fair!


Is there any solution yet?

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I wrote to support with this issue they wrote me back that there will be announcement yesterday but there wasn’t still. May be today…I do not know. Keep waiting for admin response.

Payments this month will be canceled and all balance will return to envato accounts. Next payments will be in april if we change payout method from PayPal to another.

This is understandable and totally accepted. Let’s hope this madness will end soon. Stay safe everyone.

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So, the payoneer is still an option. Am I right?

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