Withdraw methods for authors

You all know that the withdrawal systems available to authors periodically have certain problems.
Payoneer closed bank cards, Paypal will soon close transfers for Russians inside the country.
I think that Envato should take care of connecting a couple more ways to withdraw money. Are there really no other systems in the world that run smoothly?
Payeer, Webmoney, Qiwi, Epayments, AdvCash, PerfectMoney and others.
If this is not done, then soon a huge part of the market, consisting of authors from the CIS countries, will not be able to receive money, or will face other difficulties.
What do you think about this?


Actual topic. Fully support ALEX_BESSS. I think that an additional system for withdrawing funds, for example, as “webmoney”, will exclude authors with problems with the withdrawal of funds.


Sure! There must be more ways for payout.

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this is a very serious problem, Alex is right, some solution is needed

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Payeer, i think would be preferable.

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Payeer is good, I think

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Never heard before about Payeer, but I think it will be great, because of Yandex.Money.

That’s right, need to connect other options for withdrawing money, so that the authors have a choice!

Transferwise is the one and only payment solution for every country. Also cheap fees + high conversion rate.

Some one start a new thread to ask Envato to support Transferwise Payment.


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Payoneer can transfer money from your account to a bank account without using Payoneer bank card. It work fine, transfer time on bank account is about 2 hours if you requested a withdrawal during business hours.

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Hi @Keranara! The problem is that there are changes, both on the PayPal and the Payoneer. For example, in Russia from May 27, you can no longer use a regular Payoneer-card to withdraw through an ATM, but only transfer to a bank account (this is an additional %, which is extremely unprofitable, loss of money).

PayPal stops internal translations in Russia (which also looks very unreliable for ordinary authors here). Tomorrow they can refuse any money transfers at all !!!

Therefore, it is vital that a new payment system is introduced IN ADVANCE (connected) here, for authors from Russia (for information: authors from Russia in this market are about ~34%, if I’m not mistaken).

I don’t think that for Envato to introduce a new payment system is a problem!

@ALEX_BESSS created a very disturbing and correct question for Envato and I agree that this is a matter of life, death and income!!! Excuse me, where will we withdraw earnings earned here?
Post pigeon with an envelope?
@KingDog @BenLeong


I use Payoneer services from Russia=) And I can say what transferring to a bank account is cheaper for me than it was when I made withdrawing money from my payoneer card via ATM.

This is cheaper for you, because you withdraw small amounts and the percentage is less. But this does not work for everyone and the losses are really huge! Two times to transfer earnings = two times to pay for commissions! Why is this needed?

It is extremely unprofitable when the amounts are more !
If you are talking about $50 then there is no problem for you, but you need to take into account the opinion of everyone!

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you’re mistake:) my amounts is more that $ 50 =) I resave exactly same amount that was withdrawn from my payoneer account, without any additional commissions, I withdraw to Sberbank, and everyone who I know and make withdrawn to Sberbank is also receive transfers without additional commissions.

perhaps if you make transfer to another bank you pay additional fee to intermediate banks, but in this case problem is in bank, not in Payoneer services.

I asked you to take into account the opinion of everyone!

This is not an option for everyone! Direct withdrawal through the payment system to the card! This is the most reliable transfer!

Sberbank is not a direct transfer to the card!**

Each author should have a choice where to transfer their money (with a minimum amount of % per commission, as well as not to overpay twice for a commission)! One single bank( Sberbank) that also does not work in the best way is not a choice, but only an option!

Do any of the authors RF know the most reliable and profitable (without overpayments) transfer to the Russia directly to the card? So that we can designate for Envato and which payment system do we need?.. :open_mouth: :face_with_monocle:

Let’s vote! :slightly_smiling_face:

Payeer +2

Yandex.Money +1

Continue to vote … :wink:



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Vkontakte Money


I agree with Alexx and I think Payeer is a good decision