Payouts with Payoneer


A Special Offer From Payoneer

Envato has several different ways that authors can withdraw their earnings. Depending on the country you live in, these options may vary. One of the providers we use is called Payoneer.

The team at Payoneer reached out to us recently with an offer for authors. Sign up to Payoneer and get a $50 reward after receiving $100 payout from Envato or a $150 reward after receiving $300.

Authors must receive the payouts from Envato by October 31st 2017. Authors will receive the reward directly to their chosen payment method during the first week of November 2017.

Envato has several payout providers to give authors flexibility. Envato doesn’t endorse one provider over another but we thought for those authors who may be looking at their options for payouts, this is something worth looking into.

Envato doesn’t receive a commission from any payout provider so feel free to pick the option that is best for you. For more information about Payoneer and to sign up, click on this big link.


Is this offer also for authors who already use Payoneer?

Unfortunately not, just for new accounts.

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As a US author, is there any reason not to try this out to get the $150 bonus? Any fees associated with it?

Sounds too good to be true, but I’ll give it a try.


Is it true that you need the ATM card with Payoneer, which will cost $29.95 a year?

I wouldn’t need that, and would just want to withdraw from Payoneer to my bank account, just like PayPal

Just like Skrill and PayPal there are likely withdrawal fees or transaction fees.

I think you have both options, use a MasterCard pre-paid credit card for your payments or your bank account. Take a look and see what’s up.

Thanks for the response! I didn’t think there were any paypal withdrawal fees. I thought Envato bore the burden of paypal fees. I’ll definitely check Payoneer out though. An extra $150 for a few minutes of switching sounds like a deal to me.

Yeah i’ve looked on their site and I’m confused to be honest. On the Fee’s page it doesn’t seem to present an option without the ATM card.

We don’t get charged Paypal fees but from what I can read online it seems maybe Payoneer has slightly better conversion rates if you are transferring to a different currency than US in the end.

no thanks in india they have delayed my payment almost a month two times and i stopped using it.
it happens with lots of videohive authors from india. what they are doing it they are sending 100$ compensation which represents next day in our account but not the main money. one of the author faced in india with almost 2 months delay.I tried to contact nissim in here in forums but he is not responded too on this at that time

I would like to get official answer and assurance non delay payments then only we can try it. lots of authors saying in india its better to stick with paypal

Something for nothing? Hm…Money for nothing? Nothing for something!!! Oh dear…

What if I already have an activated Payoneer card but I have no any withdrawals yet on Audiojungle? Shall I receive my bonus or not?

Great question. These need to be newly activated accounts.

I Am Already Using Payoneer For My Withdrawals.
If I Make New And Use Another Payoneer Account for withdrawal I am Eligible ?

And Its Only For Envato Marketplace Author or Also For Elements Contributors ?

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sad :frowning:

sad(( I want that bonus, but Im already have payoneer account

Did you had any problems with them paying you on time?

I have already payoneer account why you are not offering to existing payoneer user?