Payouts with Payoneer


I am unable to find the blog article on payoneer or any reference. I want to avail this offer, but don’t want to block my money for nothing (as i heard peyoneer take huge time for transfering the payment).

Could you please share the reference from payoneer side.

Payoneer is the best

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I must recieve $100 (or $300) at a time or in sum until October 31st?

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Hey guys, does anyone know? It works if I constantly make a withdrawal through payoneer?

Great News!!! :kiss:

If I registered on June 13, but have not yet used the withdrawal service, can I get a bonus?

I signed up for Payoneer on 2nd of July and Payoneer introduced this amazing offer on 6th of July. Bad luck… :laughing:

If I am a new user when I should withdraw my earnings? during October 2017 or I can withdraw it now and receive the reward?

@jamesgiroux … Is the link you provided for Payoneer registeration is the only qualified link for this offer or I can register for Payoneer account from anywhere?

From the post details, it seems that you can make withdraw within the mentioned 3 months interval.

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should i have to open the payoneer account through out the signup link given int the details?

if i use a new payoneer account sign up from other link and withdraw from payoneer in time frame …will it be eligible for get the bonus?

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I’ve created a payoneer account and set it as my default payment with envato. But in ‘withdrawals’ my next two payments are showing PayPal. Will I have to wait until after these two to get a payment to payoneer?

I think you mean the requested payment that will be processed in next 15 July. You can now set “Default withdrawal account” to your Payoneer account and enable auto monthly withdraw and wait until the auto request of withdraw at the end of this month, and then will receive the payment at the next 15 August.

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Done, registered today, just made a withdrawal so hopefully I’ll receive the $150 reward in November.

Registered payoneer. when must we withdraw to our account? at any time before october?
Please write a detailed article about this subject…

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@aultoon … From the post, it seems that you have chances to make withdraw within the 3 months July, August and September.

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prize must be for a month, or these 3 monts are collected and calculated? must I withdraw money all these months, or wait for bigger value?

I see that the post didn’t contain enough information that can answer some important questions. I think you can make 3 withdraws and it will be added to each other as a total value for the offer.

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If i understand right no matter how many withdrawals you make, its calculated with amount, if we who registred now and withdraw to payoneer until 31 October. From $100-$300. We will receive $50 if we withdraw $100 or $150 if we withdraw $300. Keep in mind because envato makes payments every 15th of the month, so our last date for request withdraw to qualify for this bonus is 30th September.