about new payment method deductions 2 times fees

i am bit shocked the new payment system
i am using payoneer for payout
i have fillup bank transfer as per their instructions

on 15 november they said payment will be procced within 16 november and deducted $1 dollar fees and now i have received the payment with $24.84 fees…

and when i had fill up bank details showing 1-9 dollar feess max but then why this feess almost 26 dollar fees

this is not making a big jokes.

have anyone face that type of issue?

There may be two charges as if you set-up the payment as SWIFT.

Envato charges ~20$ for the sending the money, on top of that, your bank/Payoneer may charge additional expenses as well.

Payoneer takes 1% fee

really! where you find it?


actually that one for International Wire Transfer (SWIFT). USD to USD SWIFT Wires transfer fee: $25.00

new payout methods cost and full details you will find here.

How much do these new payout methods cost?

As I stated:

You meant envato charges ~20$ where envato don’t take fees for sending money. It’s actually SWIFT fees and it is $25

SWIFT Bank Wires $9.00
USD to USD SWIFT Wires $25.00

More info in my above link :point_up_2:

Did you guys receive the payments on payoneer ? I didnt even get the element’d email

potato, patato :slight_smile:

Have you checked your spam folder? If you haven’t got the email, most likely you won’t get paid this month.

I got envato sent you money emails, both ones… but not the payoneer email yet

Allow few more days and be patient. By 18/19th, you should get the money

oh ok

Just got the payoneer email… Thank you

But it’s the element’s payment… the market payment should receive first ?

Market payment: if it is your first time payout through new payment systems then it can take around 4 days to receive.

Yes, with a new system there is an additional 1% commission when you receive payment from Envato to your Payoneer account. So authors will pay extra $100 commission from $10000 and get $9900 on their USD Payoneer account. Previously, there was no such commission.

I guess that Envato should handle this, contact Payoneer and ask them to remove this commission, etc.

no i have contact with them
envato charge 1 dollar for sending payment and payoneer takes 1% of total payment for receiving payment which was free before this payment.

i have contacted with payoneer
the said “ its is not possible to refund the fee because the fee was charge for a valid reason.” and “ They used another services when they send the payemnt via PayPal so the fee of 1% needs to be charge“

envato should stop the new payout and continue with previous method