Day by day the support going too worse of Payoneer

The support time of Payoneer is too painful. Their email reply now goes 3+ days long. Not happy with their chat service also. I think its time to quiet from Payoneer. Using Payoneer from 2013.
Dear, authors do you have idea about bank transfer service form Envato to Bank. In our country Paypal not available.


Yes, Envato offers SWIFT transfer option for withdrawals.

Anyways, I really can’t complain about Payoneer support. Lost my new card 3 days ago (just 4 days after it was replaced with a new one) and their service was great. The support guy was really fast, helpful, professional and polite. Old card immediately blocked, new card was shipped just 3 hours later.

Using Payoneer since 2011 and never had any issues with them. Painless authentication, quick ID verification, timely support when needed (not that I needed much support, though…)

Thanks for the reply.
I know about Envato SWIFT. Just want to know Pros and Cons.


Could be the cheaper method for large sums.


Immediately brings the tax authorities attention, so you better make sure your papers are all OK.

It’s slower - 3-4 business days for the money to arrive

Could be potentially painful, depending on which country you are and which intermediary banks would assist the transfer.

It would cost you around $50 for each transfer, which is too much if your earnings are on the lower end.

It’s the best option if everything is legally perfect on your side and if your earnings exceed $5000/month.

For earnings less than $5000 Payoneer is not only faster and more convenient, but also cheaper.

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Very clear to me.
Thank you very much and Best of luck.