Payoneer vs SWIFT

What are your experiences with Payoneer and SWIFT?

Which one has lower comissions? Pls share your experiencessuch as “i had payout $500 via payoneer and got $450 in my pocket in the end”

hi i used to use swift previously, it worked very well … the threshold is not the same , higher , this means that the rhythm for getting the money is not the same , the fee is a bit high but it works well … as regard to what u mentioned about payoneer, it looks like it would be more beneficial for u by swift by the way …

the example i gave about payoneer is just random numbers and for reference only, they are not true.

i am using swift recently and it takes about 60usd fee for a payout of 530usd.

what i wonder is

  1. for a payout of 530usd how much fee would payoneer take?
  2. for a payout of 130usd how much fee would payoneer take?