Paypal vs Payoneer vs SWIFT transfer for an end destination of EUR currency bank account

What is more recommended as a Payout Account between Paypal vs Payoneer vs SWIFT for the earnings (assuming that your earning qualify for minimum values of each) if your eventual destination is a European Bank with Euro as a currency? (from the perspective of minimum loss from currency conversation fees, transfer fees etc.)

So far I’ve been using Paypal, the conversion rate that paypal has from USD to EURO is not good at all. I wonder if anyone had good experience getting envato earnings eventually in Euro efficiently?

I actually wrote a blog post about envato money withdrawals 5 years ago, not sure if the numbers are the same though:

Personally I use SWIFT for large amounts, but still use PayPal if I plan to use the money from there without transferring them to my bank.

Thanks for the link, I will try with SWIFT this time for couple months, that should give me some data to compare it with Paypal.

Would be nice also if someone who is based in Europe and uses Payoneer shared his experience with payoneer with regards to conversation rates, is it really 2% as they claim on their website, or same as in paypal…

I have been using Payoneer the last 2 years. HORRIBLE slow support, the verification center is answering after 2-3 weeks and keeps making you jumping through hoops. I am trying for a month now to issue a replacement card with no luck. My funds are locked in the payoneer card and I can’t move them in the US balance and because the card is now expired I can’t withdraw my money.