SWIFT Payout

I’m using Payoneer for receiving payments from Envato. However, Payoneer does not allow us to withdraw in USD, it always converts to my local currency. My question is, if I use SWIFT payout, can I receive my fund in USD, without converting to local currency?

Hey @Basic-Technology,

You will not received /USD in any of your local bank account your local bank converted into your local currency.But you have option to ask about USD from you local bank if they can give then you get it. you can get /USD only your Payoneer & PayPal account.

I have see your country supported Payoneer = https://goo.gl/Q7W2gt & PayPal = https://goo.gl/BDRaVW

Here is about SWIFT payment

Still have any other question you can getting touch with Envato Author Help Center.

Let us know if you have any other question.



As far I know if you want to payout using SWIFT Envato will send your Bank USD and your local Bank also receive your Fund as USD but your local Bank will convert the USD to your local Curency. If you would like you can contact with your Local Bank if they can provide you USD.


I think that has to do with your country and banks. I have 3 accounts in my bank - in USD, EUR and my local currency. I am using SWIFT payouts directly from Envato. Also, I have asking my bank to give me instructions for payouts form other countries in USD (that is SWIFT code and IBAN). Now, when I get money from Envato, it is in USD on my USD account.


Thank you @unlockdesign, @mgscoder and @CocoBasic for the answers in details. So the conclusion I can draw from your answers is

  • SWIFT does transfer in USD to your local bank
  • You will need to open a USD account in your local bank to receive it

I’ll definitely give it a try and will post my update here. Thank you, great community.


yes right thing your conclusion. please will be better if you consult with your local Bank and create account with USD currency. Thanks