Cheapest Payout Method

Hi together,

according to the increased PayPal fee for USD - EUR conversion rates, I would like to know what the cheapest Payout method is?

You know you can choose between PayPal, Payoneer or SWIFT. What do you use? What are Payout charges, conversion rates?

Maybe something is cheaper than PayPal …

As far as I know, there’s no fee except the conversation difference but if you could, you can use SWIFT and get the money as USD to your direct account. Payoneer may look a bit better compared to PayPal but they have also fixed price for the money transfer. At the end, you’d be loosing around 30-50$ per month in any way.

But do you have any insights what the fee / conversion is for each provider?

I think there were discussions earlier on the forum. You can check

Yeah already searched, but did not find anything related this. You got a link?

Been a while, can’t remember exactly. Try searching as “Payoneer” or/and “PayPal”