What's the best Withdrawal method for reasonable commissions? PayPal is horrible

I want to withdraw $5000, and I got it in PayPal. Living in an Eastern European country, PayPal wants to convert USD to EUR (even though my bank account is USD), and basically they’re charging me $150 for the conversion+withdrawal fee.

Is Payoneer or SWIFT better?

I am using only SWIFT and that cost me around $40 no matter how much I am withdraw.
Last transaction - $41 ($25.00 transaction fee + $16 bank fee)

The last few transactions was $2000 - $2500 and I get USD on my USD bank account.

Ok, in my country I must convert all USD in my local currency and there I am loosing around $70 - $100 because of conversion but that is something else.

Thanks CocoBasic. Is there Revolut in your country? That might help you avoid the 70-100$ conversion fee

I think I will try to transfer it via SWIFT to my Revolut account for the next payout…

It looks like there is - my country is on the list. Thank you for the info.

Transferring the money from PayPal to TransferWise ( as USD ) is free of charges and so far I have found the best “exchange rates” at there. You can request a credit card as well

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Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: