Payoneer withdrawals are too much expensive!

Do you know the cheapest way to withdraw $$$ from payoneer, I want to convert it to €. Some time ago I used Revolut and Zen, they charged me $3-5, now it’s like $50, Wise charges even more. Maybe it’s time to offer SEPA transfers for authors which are free and switch to Euro at least for european authors.Is it really necessary to pay $600 annualy to withdrawal own money?

PayPal ( If it works on your country ) could be the cheapest option. From Envato to PayPal, there was no additional charges but only if you convert it to other currencies. ( 3% )

You can connect WISE account to PayPal ( 3% charges ) and transfer it to there first. After that the charges are OK ( Not sure if they are going to update it )

Other solution is SWIFT. You can get the money monthly, not annually. 25$ + your bank charges.