If Payoneer Will Not Approved My Account Then What should I do ??? Help Please : (

How are you everyone here ?
After Payoneer transferred all Payoneer Prepaid master card cards from Wirecard to Payoneer Europe Limited & Became itself a prepaid master card cards Issuer. Now Payoneer asks for Proof of Address & this is normal and right as Paypal and no doubt with it but there are some countries like mine for example ( Iraq ) have different criteria according to documents like address for example we write it like this Al Karrada 60/317/512 for house and street number but according to USPS & how to right an international address is different for example like this 47 ANYVILLE RD NW #2 I am afraid the different between the systems could result to reject my proof of address. So, this mean to hold or block my card and ca’t receive new one and I will be with out payment method on Videohive & Envato Element & I will be forced to shutdown my business ?
What Will Happen At That Time?
What Are My Options ?
Please, Your Advise :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:

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You can try with swift withdraw through your local bank
Payoneer Community Question & Answer


But Envato Element, How?
Also, don’t forget these are new measurement from Payoneer and that post was in 2011.
There are heavy load cause these issues on Payoneer site for many countries specially in Middle East, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh

You can get help from envato elements support team.


At here envato forum you didn’t get enough help best way get from from support team they would like to help you.
As I know Iraq is supported country from Envato Market hope they will helped!

Restricted Countries List

  • Iran
  • Cuba
  • Syria
  • Crimea Region
  • North Korea

I asked here because @GoForMotion advised me with that as he is my friend and I am hopeless without the help of Envato helpful community :heart:


No worry,
I believe your issue will solved.


Thanks and I really have a great believe in Envato and It’s lovely members
Thanks @unlockdesign
Now I will make a support ticket for Envato Angels