Payoneer warning / reminder

Exactly. Read about it too, getting your money blocked and then no option for support or chat is infuriating.

No you can withdraw money to banks.

As for the reddit user who wrote

Yeah, my account is blocked is all what they say… For the mail seems like I did something against the terms and conditions

That seems to be a whole different issue :thinking: I had all my money stolen from my account a year ago lol and had no problems contacting them or getting that resolved, sooo dunno I’m not THAT pessimistic yet

Sometimes, I think to empty my account and remove my items on EE because there is no reason to sell your products if your money goes to others ??? :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:

Yes do drastic emotional actions, that will surely help you in the long run :smiley:

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You can but under their permission and you need to wait your turn. Check in

And all this if your documents are under review but if it is blocked !!!
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We need new payout option on Elements - AND THIS IS A FACT.

Paypal - always problems. – Payoneer - since year - problems.

We need normal bank transfer payout option - (and I mean immediately). Transferwise? Revolut? Two very easy ways. ;]


Just tell me, Can you work now ?
I am not and really confused

Oh yikes!.. Well, then that’s messed up… But maybe it happened cause the user didn’t have their “account approved the first time” when they created it? I mean I have successfully verified my account long ago and had sent money successfully to my bank previously… Not sure if their new request for address suddenly completely invalidated my account also for bank transfers :thinking:

It is because the Irish Bank as they said. They now do full verification for all account old and new ones and blocked all the suspicious and unused ones as they said. Me I successfully verified and even celebrate with my wife and kid at that time. What a lovely moments at that time .

Yes of course I can :smiley: First I cant control what they do, I can’t force them to accept my documents it seems, soo it’s out of my control currently and so I just don’t stress it right now.

I do what I can do and what I can control, which is transfer large sums off money to my revolut account in case I won’t be able to withdraw money for some time till they sort their BS out.

And lastly it seems to be a bigger issue for many users, soo at least I’m not the only unlucky one for whatever reason so that makes me worry less, cause if lots of people are complaining it’s something wrong with their verifying process and not each user per say. Our documents are legal and correct so it’s their problem… And if they don’t want to lose a ton of customers and go bankrupt they probably should solve it sooner or later… soo I’ll just wait and see what happens.

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Just started this thread to warn co-authors here and give them a heads up before November 19th.

Look at their tweets & replies page , it isn’t a pretty sight.
A corporation that is supposed to keep so much money safe, only replies via twitter?

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for me yesterday receive money form Envato go to atm and store everything works fine

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my thread about this… Payoneer question

Am I the only one who do not need to confirm address on Payoneer?
From my current account I never order and never use payoneer card, only bank transfer.

But I agree we should have more options to withdrawal money.

It’s cause no card = no address confirmation needed :smiley:

Here’s why this company is having issues with verification of documents from all over the world.
Wouldn’t believe this screenshot if it wasn’t from MY own twitter account,
They’re referring to MM/DD date format (used mostly in the USA)
Instead of DD/MM which is the case in majority of the world.

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Now after I complete a chat with Payoneer Support Team I asked about " Do I must have address
verification to my account " they said you should have and there are two possible scenarios from what I understood from them : -

  1. If the proof of address is under review then you can use your account & withdraw to your bank account or your card if it isn’t expired yet but you can’t receive a new one.

  2. If the proof of address is rejected then you need to submit a new one shortly or your account could be blocked.

The Conclusion : -
The submitting process of verification documents can give us some time but not an end or successful solution.

New update after new conversation with Payoneer Live Chat
They said about Proof of Address " It’s mandatory anyway " & if not offered may be lead to block the card and not the account and we can use " Withdraw To Bank Account Method " as @Atamotion mentioned earlier :smile:
I still uncertain about the future but more happy about the latest results.
For I will not order a new card and keep the withdraw method :classical_building: :classical_building: :classical_building:
I hope this please other people here @johnnybd

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I am now in the exact situation regarding address verification. I just send Payoneer a few support tickets but they are super slow to respond. I just want to be sure that you would be able to withdraw payment to your bank account without sending address verification right? My payoneer card is expired and I don’t want to order a new card with all the documents verification issues.

many thanks

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Payoneer had to adopt to new international rules and laws. Payoneer Europe is the first outcome of that (started in Sep 2020).

The thing is, they’re now under the EU law. Which tells a lot.

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