November payment thread, for authors in the new payment system

Hello @KingDog

Could you please inform me about whom to contact for Payoneer payment support? I recently received a verification request from Payoneer for my October payment and i have taken a screenshot of the Envato payment email. Regarding the verification step on my website, I entered my Themeforest portfolio link. Is that the correct procedure?

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If authors withdraw money to Payoneer and encounter a verification request, please follow the steps I took:

1 - Verify the invoice: Take a screenshot that Envato emailed you with the subject “Envato sent you a payment”
2 - Verify website : Enter a link to your account or portfolio
3 - After completing the two steps above, Payoneer will send you a request to verify the account owner through the link you provided.
4 - Navigate to the Settings page, click on Personal Information, and take a screenshot of the entire page to submit as a photo for verification. Please note that you should take the screenshot on the computer screen, as submitting a photo captured on a phone screen resulted in rejection.

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Payoneer or envato verification from you?

Payoneer asked us a verification for Envato Elements October payment also. They asked us Submit work contract. But how I can get it? So annoying!

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You can contact payoneer live chat. Also share earning statement them. Let them know it is not signed contract.

You’ll want to check with the Support Team. They may have a form they can send you that Payoneer can use.


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@KingDog :
Thank you, I will submit a ticket to Envato’s support team to ask for their help.

@Nova-works :
Me too, it’s really confusing !!!

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Any idea for my payment case? Until now i still haven’t get the payment for September?

Ticket: 3384736, 3382264, 3354741

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Hello @KingDog

I appreciate your help, I have received payment from Payoneer.
However, I have a question: I just checked my payment from Payoneer, and they charged 1% of the total amount that Envato sent me. This has never happened before. In the Envato invoice sent to my email, the fee is only 1 USD. Why does Payoneer charge 1%

Edit: I checked past transactions from Envato to Payoneer, and the fee was consistently $1.50 for all transactions, regardless of the amount.

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Thanks @Nova-Creative for sharing the way how you verify that. It would be helpful for authors.

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Hi, @Nova-Creative, did you send screenshot with url?

Yes, Step 1 and step 2 I mentioned are both in Payoneer’s first requirement.

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Payoneer only require screenshot of my business webpage. So, do i have to send screenshot with url/adrees bar?

Take a screenshot of your profile. Individuals may have varying requirements based on their unique situations. However, the common criterion is proving ownership of your business account. Simply demonstrate this by showcasing your admin screen

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@KingDog @BenLeong
Could any admin please address this question for me? With the new payment method, I am experiencing a 1% loss in total revenue when withdrawing money to Payoneer :frowning:

Thank you

If it’s possible, I would highly recommend looking for other payment methods rather than Payoneer. I know that we’re all used to having only PayPal and Payoneer as payment methods but with our new payment system there may be better and cheaper methods of getting your payments.

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I also did not receive payments from the Elements for September and for October. (ticket 3387189)
But i received a payment by the new payout system from the Market. Something’s not right here…