Payoneer is asking for signed work contract.

Hi @Rachel_Payoneer @Payoneer I can just provide you the logged in profile screenshot, as there is no signed agreement on envato. My profile URL is proof that I am an author at Envato.
My Profile URL
[link removed]

Reference Number: 211229-014495
Your Customer ID: 8358452

Please Help.

Hi @creativesole,

Thanks for reaching out. Indeed the profile link and screenshot would be showing you are an Envato author.

I’ll follow up with my colleagues in Customer Care to see the status.

Have a great day

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Hi @Melisa_Payoneer!

I have sent you private message regarding Payoneer several times and I havent got a reply.

Hi Melissa, I haven’t received any email of customer support yet. I have already submitted screenshots of my logged in profile in verification center.

Your Customer ID: 8358452

Please help me. Because 3 days left to the upcoming payment from envato. I really need it.

Hi @Melisa_Payoneer I have summited profile screenshots and URL also envato invoice too. But they didn’t accepted my documents. PFA and help me its more than a month now.