Payoneer is asking for Work Contract with Envato, how to provide?

Hi, I just received an email from Payoneer to provide these details.

1. Account profile verification
Submit a screenshot of your account profile showing your name and business name

2. Submit work contract
Submit your signed work contract in relation to this payment

3. URL connecting you to site
Provide a URL to a page on your website that shows one of the following:
Your first name and last name or your company name as provided upon registration
Your phone number, email address or billing address as provided upon registration
The words “This site is owned and operated by [add your name here].”

When I asked their support team about these details, they told me as I’m receiving the payments from Envato, I need to provide an Envato profile screenshot, Envato work contract, and profile URL.

Can someone help me with this? Where to get the work contract?


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@Payoneer @Rachel_Payoneer @Melisa_Payoneer

@Payoneer @Rachel_Payoneer @Melisa_Payoneer Can you please help me on this issue?

I need to know these information as well

Did they respond or help you?

Yes, just provide the profile screenshot as there is no signed agreement. Your profile URL is proof that you’re an author at Envato.

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Thanks a lot, man

The same issue, they asked me about a contract with " my signature and my client signature " and I told them we are just authors on Envato Market and that @Rachel_Payoneer @Melisa_Payoneer know the system here.

How to move further ?
Please your Support
@BenLeong @Rachel_Payoneer @Melisa_Payoneer @KingDog

Hi @HardEdgeie,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve just sent you a private message to be able to assist.


@Melisa_Payoneer I have the same question and have sent a private message.

Nobody from Payoneer seems to reply.