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If someone have this note from payoneer, let me know, thanks , I’m not sure what to send them

"Additional information required

Correspondence with your payer
What we need
Email correspondence or a chat transcript with your payer that contains a

description of the goods or services you provided and an indication that your payer

has received the goods/services

Tips to make sure your document will be approved

Make sure the document contains:

Your full name
Your payer’s full name
Contact details of both you and your payer (either phone number or email address)
Make sure the document is:

A clear, high-resolution photo or scan of the original document
Uncropped and showing the full correspondence with the payer

Supported file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PDF
The file size can be up to 20MB

Contact both envato and payoneer chat. And make payoneer understand that you are author of envato.

Thanks but I don’t have “chat” with envato :slight_smile:

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Yes. We are author of envato. We have no work contract or chat with envato. Kindly contact with envato, problaly they will provide some form that you can show in payoneer.

In most cases, a screenshot from your Envato account was enough before but apparently some cases, they didn’t accept it. You can search the forum for the details or contact @Payoneer team ( they are a bit slow to respond )

Envato is not going to provide any documents, you need to solve it with Payoneer.

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What about the payment confirmation email you get from Envato? It has your full name, and company name, as well as their e-mail at the top.

I will try, thanks

Were you able to resolve this issue? Give us an update.

didn’t send them anything, this month my money is on payoneer for now - same as usual