October payment thread, for authors in the new payment system

Why i didnt receive an email about earnings being calculated this month with the new payment system but the money dictated from my account? is like the money went up in the air! where can i see the earnings for this month that are pending for payment?

No email regarding the calculated earnings for the month of September. We also cannot see them on the payouts page. Is the new payment system truly an upgrade? It feels more like a downgrade to me.

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I’ve heard the earnings page is undergoing some fixes.

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I just got mine a few minutes ago so they’re still rolling out. :sweat_smile:

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Just want to say thanks Envato! I was angry about new system because we couldn’t make a payout in USD, but that was changed after we asked for it, and I was still angry when I got the email yesterday that stated “You should receive your payment on Monday, October 23, 2023”
but to my suprise, we received payment today, so I’m super happy because this is just like with previous system. I hope all authors who have issues with new system will get those resolved.
Good job Envato!


Are you using Payoneer?

Has anyone already received payment successfully via Payoneer in the new system? All we see in the forums are about Payoneer rejections. We are very anxious now.

ref: October elements payment not received - #8 by DELOZA

Yah, I’m Using Payoneer.

Got the email not money yet on payoneer any one else experince the same???

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Same. We also received an email stating that we should have received the money by the 17th, but we haven’t received it yet.

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mmn… yes it’s the 17th evening here

no, Swift

This was no hasle with the previous system we got paid on time

Yeah. We are really disappointed by this new system. Our dues for servers and services are due today. We always get the money the same day Envato sends it, but now, nothing. We think our team will not last any longer if this payout delay continues in the coming months.

We feel sad for the other authors who use Envato Market as their main source of income to feed their families.

Did anybody managed to get payment in USD to Revolut ?

Finally, we got the money! We’re relieved now.


In my situation i receive Elements payment but not Envato market, strange, till last month Elements was always 2nd payment. Both emails received but no money from Envato Market.

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Same @miseld

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Yes, I received an email about the payout. “You should receive your payment on Wednesday, October 18, 2023”. But I still haven’t received the money via Swift Bank.
Where does my money go if I have an issue with my bank?

A letter arrived on October 16. but Payoneer has no money in the system.