Payoneer ,there is No Way!

Dear Envato Authors Sorry the title of this Topic is so Negative but I Got a lot of problems with Payoneer and I wanna know your experience with Payoneer,

Simple I was Applied for one of the Verification steps on the 14th of September of 2021(to connect my Envato account to Payoneer) and two other verifications in 2020 and still, nothing happened the process is still in (Under Review).

the problem is I wanna contact Payoneer but there is no way to do that:

The Phone call: Since my account balance is 0 they said we are providing service to active users.
Email: they don’t have any support email.
Contact forum: You always get an automatic email that does not solve your problem.
Contacting them through Envato forums: they don’t answer or answer after months.
Live Chat: Not Answer always Says “Status: Canceled”
Payoneer Community: You can’t post about your problems (Isn’t funny?!)

so Should I forget about Payoneer as a Payout method for my Videohive earnings? or can you suggest any Solution?

Thank you all.

I used to contact them via this chat a couple of years ago, it seems that it’s still functional (you must be logged into your Payoneer account).

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Thank you but I used this method too, it is not working, they won’t answer it says “Status: Canceled”

@Melisa_Payoneer @Rachel_Payoneer

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Thank you for your Support!

again they said it is rejected, but I checked my account the status is approved

hahaha, What’s going on?! @Melisa_Payoneer

WTF They Blocked my account hahaha
Really?! That’s Payoneer? famous Company?!

Absolutely no offense intended, but matters of this sort can only be solved by contacting Payoneer. You can imagine they won’t have support officers standing by on every platform they do business with to resolve issues like these, especially since you seem to have an account block. The best thing to do is to go to their Customer Help Page → and give them a call.

The Envato Staff and Envato Community have no say with the account matters of a different company.

Give them a call, it’s your best option! :slight_smile:

Thank you, But in the Phone Call, they didn’t answer those who have 0 Balance on their account.

There’s nothing we can do to help mate. Their support channels is your only option here…

I got it, thank you, and sorry for bothering

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No bother at all. Take care! :blush:

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