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just fyi, this is what I do for Audiojungle authors

Users are obligated to purchase the tracks, because I design most of my templates synced with the music. Not just on my sales description, I also include their links inside the actual template and place info on the placeholders.

But please, explain to me how does affect you in a bad way, the fact that a videographer uses your song preview giving you all the credit for the song?

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I also place their links inside my website:

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When someone uses the track, wich is registered wit CID, but don’t have a license, i can’t do anything. When i register a track i’m sharing my rights with CID admistrator company, like Identifyy aka HAAWK, or any other. So it’s their claim, not mine. If you have a license, you just show it to them and they release the claim, but if you don’t have one - i cant help you, even if i whant to. But if i don’t register my track, chances are i’ll find in some local commercial, without anything payed to me.

Answering the question: it’s not funny to explain to frustrated clients, why are they getting a copyright claim. Basically it’s standard process, but still many people are frustrated with it.

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A story of “necessary evil” from AJ Elite author LumenMedia:

And as he said (and I totally agree with him):
This is personal decision to participate or not in ContentID.
Not all customers ready to have ANY problems with proving ANY claims.
There is huge amount of customers who do not want to have any additional steps and waiting time.

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I agree that the system is poorly designed, but what should we do? Imagine your work is advertising elite swiss watches and you get nothing. We are at the same boat, this system is a headache for all of us. Besides, this system is up and running for many years, how could this happen, that someone responsible for advertising for some elite brand is being so unprofessional and did not know how everything works? Again, i don’t advocate this system, i’m just trying to say it’s our common problem.

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Not registering tracks with Content ID doesn’t mean that those tracks won’t be registered by someone else fraudulently in order to scrape some money.

It happened with one of my tracks, which was already registered with a different platform.

Having it registered already made it easy to prove that that was my track.

In the meantime all people who purchased a license saw that claim from an unknown author that for sure wasn’t there for helping them.

Also, for videohivers, having a claim in your channel doesn’t put your video/channel at risk. Never heard about banned videos on YT. AJ authors are not Universal Music or similar entities that can decide to take down a video, mute it or ban a YT channel.

Having that claim means that you cannot monetize that video.

If you want to monetize, just buy a license like anybody else.



Hi Dehannd,
You will need to put in the description a disclaimer with also crediting the artist or the site where your content is coming from.
We use this as an example: Disclaimer: - clips from the video Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS

Then down here you would put Music: (the site name and link or artist name and link)

Keep in mind as well when getting music, if some of have a content Youtube ID when selling their music or giving it for free this will cause copyright claim. Try to get music that is not content ID.
If you happen to do so you can contact the creator via email and have them remove the claim.

The best way is to also go to Youtube’s twitter account and let them know!
We had a similar issue and we took the music from the youtube library, we received a claim and had to contact Youtube about it and they removed!

A lot of times the creator may distribute the music to a distributor after releasing it and this will also cause issues because when you first have the music it wasn’t registered and if the artist decides to register their music then bamm you will get hit with a claim most of the time!

The best thing we do is put a disclaimer in our description and it usually helps for about 98% of the time!
We hope this helps!
Have a great day and keep up the amazing work!

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thanks for the info

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No Problem! Keep up the amazing work and have a great day!

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It’s been years since I’ve used watermarked audio, they just distract from the project. YouTube viewers got very confused when they heard the AJ watermark voice.

I used have people commenting that the audio was ‘stolen’ - just because it was watermarked. It can come across as unprofessional for your YT channel.

You have two choices:

1 - Buy a license. You’ll get this cash back after a few sales of your project, and it makes your preview clean and your channel look legit. You can then easily deal with Content ID claims.

2 - Use YouTube’s own Audio Library of free music. No Content ID.

Bought Aj track, made a video with it, uploaded to YouTube to show my client - got Copyright claimfrom HAAWK. Had to send few emails to release the video from claim.
Made some fixes in video, reuploaded it and got a claim again.

Why I have to spend my time to release my videos from theese claims ?

For things like this. And this happened to me too, twice, someone time ago registered them and i had to prove that they are mine.

I had to prove it, not the cheater.

Unless this author registers his track with the CID and you and your cloents will get more and bigger problems with finding the license bought in the past. And you know what? He will probably register those tracks with CID sooner or later because only this can protect our music against piracy and… CID piracy.

And this is what every VH should do to avoid problems :slight_smile:

c’mon. what if my client will put video on his own channel(s) ?

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I will not have any problems because I don’t have a YouTube channel.
My clients will not have any problems because I don’t sell them any AudioJungle item.

If my client wants to buy your product, he becomes your client. :slight_smile:

So VH-clients won’t get any problems, but AJ-clients will.

This is marketplace. If client want to use music - he need to purchase it. I don’t understand your question.

I bought AJ track for client. why he need to purchase it again ?